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Start Saving This Winter

As temperatures drop, the demand to heat our homes and offices increases significantly. Watch these videos and make a few changes to save energy this winter.

Programmable Thermostats                  Sealing Ductwork                                  Weatherstripping                                   Space Heaters


1) Door Seals: Cold air can enter into the house through open cracks and gaps from doors, windows and floors. Simple, weather stripping and foam seals will reduce cold drafts and keep your home warmer.

2) Seal baseboards and caulk windows: Feel your hand around the bottom of your baseboards to detect where cold air might be getting into the living space.

3) Wrap the water heater and ducts and change the filters:
Making your HVAC perform at maximum efficiency will save on the bottom line. Check for leaks in the ducts. Leaks in the duct work can increase cost by up to 30% and reduce comfort. Also, a new air filter helps the air flow and increases comfort.

4) Add a door sweep to rooms that you use less frequently: Significant air flow can occur through the space between the bottom of the door and the floor. Fill this area with a threshold sweep from your local hardware store.

5) Replace your old thermostat: Programmable and Smart thermostats can reduce heating costs by monitoring your system to run only when you need it.

6.) Space heaters may warm your feet, but they won't save you money. No matter the features, most space heaters use the same about of energy and add to your power costs. 

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